Hiring vendors to help you pull off a truly magical elopement can seem like the most intimidating part of the elopement process. From hair, makeup, flowers, food a lot goes into the ‘making-of’ your day. Don’t worry— as a part of your adventure elopement experience here at Girl in the Wild I have curated an […]

Adventure Elopement Vendors: Who Do You Really Need?


So you’ve decided to elope! You already have taken the most difficult step…so what next? Choosing the WHERE to elope in the PNW is so incredibly important. Close your eyes and imagine what the perfect Pacific Northwest elopement day looks like to you. Do you see yourself surrounded by towering green trees? Or maybe you […]

3 Perfect Locations for Your PNW Elopement




If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, it’s likely that you have found yourself asking the question: “How do I get married in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic?”. Your curiosity has been piqued by the idea to elope. If you’re looking for a sign that you should elope – this might be it. Before […]

Eloping During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Adventure Elopement Photographer Washington State


Before I was an adventure elopement and outdoor wedding photographer, I was an adventurer. I was so passionate about the transformative power of nature’s playground that I went to work in the outdoor industry, creating content for social media because I wanted to inspire EVERYONE to go connect with the earth. I knew the impact […]

Adventure Elopement and Putting Nature First

Seattle Adventure Elopement

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