February 11, 2022

Adventure Elopement Vendors: Who Do You Really Need?

Hiring vendors to help you pull off a truly magical elopement can seem like the most intimidating part of the elopement process. From hair, makeup, flowers, food a lot goes into the ‘making-of’ your day.

Don’t worry— as a part of your adventure elopement experience here at Girl in the Wild I have curated an adventure elopement vendor list to help take the guesswork out of who is reputable and who you should avoid. I am also here to guide you through the process of choosing and hiring vendors. 

Here are some tips for what vendors you might need for an adventure elopement, what they might cost so you can budget accordingly, and how to make sure you really vibe with your vendors to make your day truly spectacular.

Dresses, Suits, and Accessories 


dresses, suits, and accessories for a stylish adventure elopement

What you wear on your wedding day should truly reflect who you are as a couple. From flowy ballgowns, to mismatched socks with hiking boots your day is FOR YOU and there really is nothing “wrong to wear”. 

If you choose to wear a dress or suit for your elopement, this can equate as one of the biggest expenses other than the actual planning/photography/logistics of your day. 

There are many reputable designers for both suits and dresses that are truly spectacular but might not be as budget friendly for the average couple looking to get a little wild and dirty on their wedding day.

If opting for a lower-cost (but still stunning) dress/suit option make sure to order with ample time in case any alterations or changes are needed. The biggest mistake many make when choosing what to wear is ordering to late and not having their garments fit or feel truly like them. 

Okay okay, but you put “free” in the budget…what’s that about? 

You can totally get a dress for free or nearly free! Ask your friends. You would be surprised how many people still have their gowns or suits and would be happy to lend you theirs for your adventure. 

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist


Boho elopement makeup

Going au natural or full glam on your wedding day is totally up to you. Rock your natural beauty or opt to dazzle on your day by hiring someone to really do you up. 

Hair and Makeup artists typically are able to come to your airbnb, hotel, or wherever you are staying for a small travel fee. 

Make sure to inquire about hygiene practices as well as ask for examples of work to make sure they can execute your hair/makeup on your specific skin tone and hair texture.

Run-throughs are also common practice for many makeup artists to test out your look.

Cake, Caterers, and nibbles


Picnic foods for an adventure elopement

I’ve really seen it all from doughnuts to charcuterie boards, to towering cakes and DIY buffets. 

When choosing what to eat on your day,  take into account guest count, travel time (cake does not do well in a backpack in the backcountry), and of course–what you want!

Most cake shops are happy to gift you a tasting box for a small fee so you can test things out before committing. 

If you are looking for a full-on catering experience be sure to check reviews for comments regarding food handling, freshness, and promptness of communication. 

Did you know? Your GITW experience comes with a charcuterie board picnic!

Elopement Wedding Officiants


The Girl in the Wild team has two ordained officiants that are happy to sign your marriage certificate or perform your wedding ceremony.

If you are looking for a specific denomination ceremony or want something for a larger group, there are many reputable officiants in each area where we travel to. 

When contacting officiants, set up a zoom call to be able to talk face-to-face. This will be the person marrying you, and it’s important that you really feel connected and comfortable with them.

Typically officiants cost around $200-300 but can range up to $800 if looking for someone for a more wild and off-road adventure. 



colorful bouquet for an elopement

Arches, bouquets, and boutonnieres oh my! 

From grocery store bought bouquets to fully ornamental arches, bridal corsages, and more; flowers can be a beautiful way to make your day more special and elegant. 

Faux flower arrangements are definitely at the top of the list for Leave No Trace friendly options for your adventure elopement.

If you would rather opt for a natural option it is a good idea to talk with any potential florist about how flowers are stored, how they last during certain weather conditions, and making special requests to reinforce the arrangement with wire, florist foam, or wooden rods so it withstands the demands of your adventure. 

Want an even more sustainable option? Try renting out faux arrangements.

Places to Stay


A-frame cabin for an elopement in the forest

When you start the process of envisioning your perfect day, where to stay might just be one of the most important parts aside from the location of the vows.

Are you wild and adventurous or would you prefer something more secluded, relaxing, and all-inclusive? 

Although for GITW, glamping is the ultimate way to spend your wedding night after your adventure elopement, there are also rustic cabins, eclectic airbnbs, off-the-grid campsites, and luxury resorts in most of our travel destinations. 

If you plan of having a micro-wedding (15+ people) most multi-room properties will give you discounted group rates if you call ahead of time. Make sure to read through the blocking contract if these places do offer you a discount. 

Adventurous Activity Outfitters


kayak at sunset

Want to get truly adventurous for your wedding? Hiring an activity outfitter and local guide for activities such as rafting, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering and more should be at the top of your list!

The best advice I can give regarding hiring our activity vendors is inquiring about their certifications, gear maintenance, years in business, and community practice. Your safety is extremely important so making sure you are in good hands is top priority. 

No matter what you do or don’t include in your adventure elopement wedding day, it is sure to be a day to remember. As your adventure elopement photographer and planner, I’m here to make your day one for the books (and make it easy with an elopement package!).


Here are all the steps you need for your elopement!

  • Step 1 : Decide to Say “I do” in the most LEGENDARY WAY possible by eloping
  • Step 2: Hire Girl In the Wild to help plan, execute, and capture your wedding day
  • Step 3: Choose a stunning location for your vows
  • Step 4: Hire vendors—florists, caterers, officiant, etc

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