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Hi Friend! Welcome! I'm Lindsey, your Girl in the Wild Adventure Elopement Photographer. I'm here for couples who want to experience their elopement destination through the eyes of a local. I was raised camping and hiking among the towering trees and rugged peaks of Washington's National Parks and am intimately familiar with the hidden treasures of the West Coast and Pacific Northwest. I've also lived all over the Western United States and Europe (Norway ... Yes way!) and I've spent years exploring Northern California, Arizona, and Europe.

Get ready for a real adventure! I'm all about crafting legendary experiences from start to finish. You know, the ones that make you wanna squeal "THIS is why I'm alive." Behind the camera, I capture not just what you look like, but how you ARE together. Your photos serve as a tangible way to relive your adventure wedding again and again. The ones that mean the most on your wall at the end of the day, are the ones that trigger how you felt when he whispered in your ear while you watched the sun go down, or when she nuzzled into you under a blanket next to the fire. I am here to give you those beautiful moments.

I'm passionate about environmental conservation and stewardship. A portion of all sales goes to the stewardship non-profits I'm partnered with, to make caring for wild places part of your legacy.

Pacific Northwest & West Coast Elopements for Adventurous Spirits
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Get Married with Meaning

Connect with the wild
Connect with your wild nature
Connect with the love of your life

Wed In the Wild

What did you imagine your wedding day would be?

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Returning to Roots

My wild wedding dreams

I remember going to summer camp and riding my horse along airy ridgelines imagining my dream wedding on top of a mountain. I used to ride to a new area every day and say THIS is the place. That memory has stuck with me. Ever since, whenever I go to a new place I always pick the best spot to get married.

Over time I've realized that returning back to nature is coming home to myself. Coming home to the most alive version of me. Who I was when I when I was free to dream as a child. This is the very best, most radiant version of myself. The self I always dreamed I could be. All I needed was to get outside, move, connect with my senses fully and be completely present in the moment. Returning to nature, is a return to earth's wild playground. A place where childlike wonder comes alive and the potential for magic and possibility is limitless. By returning to nature, I return to my true nature. It can be for you too when you too when you elope. Let's Play!

When you elope, you two get to be the most radiant and alive version of yourselves when you begin life together. WOW! Annnnnnd you get to relive the feeling again and again whenever you walk past your memories on your walls. The way he whispered in your ear. The way you danced on the mountain tops. The sensation of being drenched in golden sunlight while running barefoot, hand in hand, across the sand. The sight of you and your partner reflected perfectly in an alpine lake. Imagine getting to feel it ALL every single day for the rest of your life.

Wondering whether to elope?

Where you get to be one with nature while you become one with your partner? 

Do you dream of a wedding ...

That recognizes the blurred line of separation between earth's wild nature and your own? 

That's all about your connection to each other? One that's not all about your parents friends, distant relatives, or traditions imposed on you by the wedding industry?

I'm ready to hit the trails, chase waterfalls, run off into the sunset and take you on an unforgettable, awe inspiring, adventure filled with memories that will breathe life into your relationship for years to come.

I've Got You!

Invest in your experience

I'm a huge believer in the power the power of the present. and I identify with the Nordic philosophy of "hygge" or "koselig" (its Norwegian counterpart) which is all about coziness and rich, and meaningful quality time with a few loved ones.

When I work with couples I'm all about creating a intentional day that's just about the two of you. Your time together to do whatever you want, and have fun just being together, out in the wild.

It's not about everyone else. It's an opportunity for you to get totally free from distraction.

Get ready to turn up volume on your senses, while you immerse in the elements, and soak in the beauty of nature with the one you love most in the world.

Imagine a gentle breeze blowing through your hair, and the sounds of your feet crunching on ground, as gentle golden light cascades across your face while you soak in alpenglow on the mountains around you. Imagine experiencing exquisite beauty at every turn matched only by the outpouring love you feel for your partner and all of life. The experience is exhilarating. This is what your elopement day is all about.


An intentional day of presence with your partner

Your Elopement Adventure is All About Getting Married Meaningfully Through ...

I don't know about you, but I'm big on reducing my impact on our natural resources, and weddings produce massive amounts of waste.

If you're like me and your impact is important to you, an elopement is the perfect way reduce waste from your wedding and kick off married life with a clear conscience.

An adventure elopement is a great way to embrace minimalism overall to create more space for meaningful moments on your wedding day. Quality over quantity! When you strip away life's excess "stuff" you're left with less to manage and more to experience.

I wholeheartedly believe your wedding day should be more about an epic experience together and less about logistics.

Wedding vows are intimate! When you exchange them you want all of your attention on your partner and not on an audience or the details of your event.

Minimizing with less to experience more

When I think about the foundations of a strong marriage, it starts with unwavering commitment, cooperation, teamwork, resilience, grit, and above love for each other and all life. 

Adventure strengthens its seekers. She builds richness and depth of character within us. Adventure is the most amazing way you can experience the juice of the life.

Adventure empowers you to evolve into the best version of yourselves together. When we unite with the elements, we activate our essence. We unite within. It's the ultimate alchemy to empower your relationship as you join in marriage. Unleash the force between you on your elopement day.

Boldly stepping out of your comfort zone

Resiliently embracing the excitement of going with the flow

Supporting your partner every step of the way

Begin Your Legendary Elopement Experience

Empowering your relationship with adventure

Showing up as your best self

Create an EPIC legacy

Real, raw, vibrantly alive with love

You and your partner get to show up as the very best version of yourselves on your wedding day. Hello Beautiful Power Couple!

You get to be fully, organically, alive in your skin together, experiencing your love in a totally raw, real, and stripped down way

You get to be totally authentic, wild and free out in nature, as you were meant to be in life

By choosing to adventure together as your best self, you get to bond through the experience in a way that prepares you for life together.

You get to begin your legacy together in an absolutely LEGENDARY way. Maximizing your experience, honoring the natural world and its original indigenous stewards, experiencing the fullest expression of your aliveness, juicing up your relationship with the nectar of life. Can't think of a better way to get married? Me either!

Dreaming big and living playfully free from expectation

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“The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.
- Chief Seattle

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